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Take your business to the next level with professional training and coaching. 

About Wealth Project

Wealth Project is a media and education company for small business owners and entrepreneurs. We provide top training in sales and marketing to help founders start and grow their businesses using traditional and digital media. From accessible on-demand training to hands-on personal coaching, we provide the resources entrepreneurs at all levels need to thrive. 

We break down over 35 years of combined direct marketing and sales experience across a variety of businesses into actionable steps. Founded by two serial entrepreneurs, Wealth Project’s marketing strategies were developed in the trenches and proven to work in the real world.  

Luther Landro - Head Trainer and Coach

Luther Landro is the primary content creator and coach for Wealth Project. Luther brings over 20 years of eCommerce, consulting, and small business marketing experience to our students. 

Luther is a former Fire Fighter from New York who began his entrepreneurial journey with an eCommerce business selling foods imported from Europe and the Middle East. 

He then managed one of the fastest-growing marketing agencies in New York, working with clients like Adobe, McDonald’s, and Nestle. Eventually, he broke out and started his own digital consulting agency and creative shop.

In 2010 Luther partnered with Jimmy Reilly to create on-demand training versions of his coaching to reach a broader audience and help more business owners. Together, they’ve successfully sold over $10 million in digital training programs and helped their students generate millions more in their businesses.

Luther is a loving father whose hobbies include astrophotography, woodworking, and radio astronomy.  

Jimmy Reilly - Founder and Head of Marketing

Jimmy Reilly is the founder and marketing lead at Wealth Project. He brings over 15 years of direct sales and advertising experience to the project. 

Jimmy started his marketing career as a stockbroker on Long Island at 18, learning hard-core sales strategies in the trenches. He then worked in various financial sales fields, including mortgage broker, banker, and investment advisor. 

In 2009, Jimmy discovered copywriting and digital advertising and never looked back. He took his real-world sales experience and translated it into the written word, selling products in various niches, including dating advice, health, weight loss, personal development, and wealth management.

Jimmy partnered with Luther in 2010 to create and sell coaching programs for small businesses and entrepreneurs to teach them the marketing secrets that had made their companies successful. 

In 2022 Jimmy founded Wealth Project along with Luther to provide on-demand training on their proven methods to entrepreneurs and small business owners worldwide. 

Jimmy is a passionate developer whose hobbies include kiteboarding and game development.


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