The Personal Persuasion Principle

The number one secret that has helped me build my email business is keeping all my marketing personal.
Think about it: What is more likely to sell you… A pushy salesman who tries to get you to buy his latest gadget with fancy demos? Or a friend you know and trust simply recommending a product that could solve a problem you are having at the moment. If you’re like me, you’re much more likely to buy on a friend’s recommendation than you are from a pushy salesman.
This is the philosophy behind my personal persuasion principle. All of your emails should be written to build a personal, one-to-one connection with your audience and then monetize that audience by recommending products that can help them. The same way a trusted friend would.

Write your emails the same way you would write to a friend

Any time you go to write a sales email ask yourself… How would I write to recommend this product to a friend? You’d probably start the Email with hey Joe, it’s been a while since my last Email, and I stumbled on a product that might solve a problem you’re having.
You’d talk about the specific benefits you think would be important to your friend; then, you would provide them with one link to where he can buy the product. Well.. this is the same style that I use in every Email to my subscribers. It stands out from all the hype and noise that most marketers send.

Avoid fancy graphics or newsletters.

When you’re writing emails, it’s important to avoid using fancy graphics, banners, or the usual newsletters you see a lot of gurus and eCommerce companies sending to their email lists. These things are a dead giveaway that you are just trying to sell something, and eventually, your subscribers will ignore you. Just a plain text email with an occasional image and link to the product you’re promoting is the best style to use when building a connection and selling to an audience. The best part is just how easy it is to write these kinds of emails.

Use a personal name instead of a brand name.

And when you go to send your emails, always use a personal name rather than a company or brand name. Be personal. I always have the name ‘Luther Landro’ as the from name in my emails and never wealth project or my company’s name.

Pick products that have valuable advertising

Every product you promote will use some form of advertisement, whether it’s a written sales letter, a sales video, a webinar, or a sales call. When choosing a product to recommend to your audience, always look for ones that give away some kind of free value upfront in their ad.
For example, any supplement or eCommerce company that offers free trials, Any sales page that uses a long, informative video to sell to customers, or even better, offers a free web class or webinar up front. Promoting this free content will build trust and rapport with your audience, and subscribers will start to look forward to your emails because of the free value they get from you as well as your personalized recommendations.

Triple advantage

When you use the Personal persuasion principle to write your emails, you get 3 huge benefits at the same time.

Builds connection

This personal style builds connection as your subscribers feel the emails were written personally to them. Your emails will stand out, and your audience will be excited to read your emails and get the free value you offer.

Sells products through recommendation

Your sales and commissions will increase dramatically using the personal recommendation approach. This allows you to sell new products every week and never come across as a pushy salesman.

Gets your emails in the priority inbox

Personal emails are also far less likely to be flagged as spam or end up in Gmail’s ‘promotions’ tab. This means more of your subscribers will get your messages, and you’ll make more sales.
Make your emails personal and you’ll see the difference.

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