The 3 C’s Formula…

There are 3 simple ingredients you need for a profitable email marketing business.
The crowd… first, you need the right crowd or market… Basically, an audience of people proven to buy things.
Connection… Next, you need a connection… A way to connect and build a relationship with that crowd.
Conversion… And finally, you need conversion. You need the right strategy to convert your crowd into buyers
Crowd… Connection… Conversion… 3 crucial ingredients for a successful email marketing business.
Now, if you’ve ever tried to build a profitable email list in the past and failed, you were probably just missing one of these 3 key ingredients.
If you don’t have the right crowd you see if you try to build a list of email subscribers in the wrong crowd you’ll just have big email lists of people who never buy from you.
If you don’t have the connection you’ll just lose subscribers over time. Subscribers with no connection will just unsubscribe from your lists and not want to receive your emails, or worse, they might flag your emails as spam making it harder for any of your emails to get delivered.
Not having a connection means you’ll miss out on the profits that come from long-time subscribers, and you’ll constantly be chasing new sources of leads to build your lists.
If you don’t have a conversion strategy, you’ll never make any sales. You’ll simply never get paid. Now you don’t have to have a product or service to sell in order to make this business work, but you will be selling other people’s products for a commission, and being able to convert people into buyers is a CRUCIAL step to becoming profitable.

Step 1: the crowd

The secret to finding the right crowd is to pick a market that is already proven to buy lots of things repeatedly. Don’t try to create a market or find some micro niche that no one is selling to. You want to step in the middle of an already existing flow of money. Trying to find some untapped or micro niche is a great strategy if you’re planning to create your own products. However, if you’re just looking for a reliable and steady source of income without the work, then you need to focus on proven markets where money is already flowing.
3 simple questions to ask about any market:
Are there lots of products selling to the audience? First, are there lots of products selling successfully to this audience? No matter how big or passionate a crowd might be about a topic, if there aren’t many products selling profitably, it’s going to be an uphill battle trying to make it work. On the flip side, when you see a market that’s flooded with products and most of them are selling successfully, that’s a good sign the crowd is hungry.
Do those products offer an affiliate commission? The next question to ask is, do these products offer referral or affiliate commissions if you send them to customers? Most product websites have a little link at the very bottom of the page labeled ‘affiliate program’ that will give you the details on it. I’ll be showing you how to quickly search for and join these programs in step 3, so keep watching…
Are people buying products repeatedly? And the final question to ask is: are people buying products repeatedly? This is the question most rookies miss and is crucial to building a long-term passive income. You want a crowd that buys new products every month or signs up for subscription services. The supplement business is a great example. People who buy weight loss or other health supplements eventually run out and need to keep buying more, providing you with a reliable, steady commission.

Step 2 – Connection

In email marketing, the way we build a connection with any crowd is to build a list of email subscribers and mail that list regularly. Let me be clear, though; I am NOT talking about spamming but rather building a list of people who have opted-in to receive emails from you.
There are a ton of cheap and even free email services that handle all of this for you. Companies like Aweber, Get Response, and constant contact handle all the technical details of managing email lists. You just have to add subscribers and send your emails.
Once you have an email list built, you need to build a relationship with your subscribers and get them looking forward to receiving emails from you. I have a simple method for doing this while simultaneously selling your subscribers that I call my personal persuasion principle.

Step 3: Conversion

This brings us to step 3… getting those crucial conversions. This is how we’re gonna bring home the bacon with our new email subscriber list – using my patented personal persuasion principle.
We are going to earn money from our subscribers by selling other people’s products and services to them. There are thousands of products out there that offer a commission when you help them generate a sale. This is called affiliate marketing.
On average you earn 50%-85% commission on every sale. That means if you help sell a $100 product, you get paid $50-$85 in affiliate commissions. How awesome is that? I mean, why go through the trouble of creating your own products or trying to source something from china when you can earn 85% of the money without having to do any of the work? No customers to deal with, no refunds to process, or support tickets to answer; you just focus on email marketing and make the majority of the sale.
Perhaps the best part is there is no limit to what you can promote and sell. There are enough products out there that you could promote something new every week. So much better and more profitable than spending months creating your own product.

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