Sneaky Ways To Get Your Emails Delivered…

If you market your business over Email, you know the most important thing is getting your emails delivered and read by your list.
Now, if you use a reputable email service and avoid the usual spam traps, 90% of your emails should land in your prospect’s inbox instead of spam. However, ESPs have introduced a number of new challenges by sorting email inboxes into ‘priority’ and ‘promotions’ tabs.
Ending up in the promotions tab is almost as bad as being placed in the spam box. Prospects rarely check anything outside their priority inbox, and so if you want your message read, that’s where it needs to be.
To do this, we need to dissect the emails that tend to get prioritized by Gmail and other service providers:

Priority mail 1: Mail from someone you have 2-way conversations with.

Every Email you send should invite a reply from recipients. At the end of the Email, you can add a line like ‘reply back and let me know when you think’…. Or ‘reply back and let me know the biggest challenge you face in your business.
If you can get a significant portion of your list to respond to your emails, your messages will appear more engaging to the ESPs and are more likely to be put in the priority inbox.

Priority mail 2: Personal emails.

Personal one-to-one emails are far more likely to reach the priority inbox than your typical newsletter.
Think about it: Fancy newsletter/catalog style emails with lots of images and logos are a dead giveaway to end up in the promotions tab. Write your emails the way you would write to a friend. Plain text with an occasional image to spice things up.
These personal emails are also far more persuasive than generic newsletters.

Priority mail 3: Transactional/confirmation emails.

Transaction and confirmation emails are usually marked as a priority by the major ESPs, and we can use this to our advantage when crafting emails.
Always add transactional language to your emails, especially your links. Some examples are:
Confirm your discount
Activate your bonus
Registers your account
Complete your registration
Your bonus receipt
Now I am not advocating that you should be deceptive in your emails. This will only lead to spam complaints. What I’m suggesting is that you add transactional language to your calls to action and subject lines that are congruent with your sales message.
These tips have helped me boost the response to my marketing emails, and I’m sure they will work for you.

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