Number One Result On LinkedIn Search…

If you’re looking to land consulting clients or sell any product/service in the B2B space, then LinkedIn is by far the most important social network for you to focus your efforts on.
A recent article in HubSpot came out and found that LinkedIn was 227% more effective for lead generation than Facebook or Twitter. The reason is simple: People join LinkedIn to make business connections rather than to spy on ex-girlfriends and look at cat videos on Facebook.
Now, most people treat their LinkedIn profile like a resume, which is great if you are looking to secure job offers; however, if you are looking to book clients and land consulting gigs, you need to think of your profile as a sales letter rather than a resume.
One of the most important aspects is getting your LinkedIn sales letter found and read, and the fastest way to do that is to hack LinkedIn’s search features.
I discovered a simple hack a  while back that puts my profile at the top of search results for any keyword to everyone in my network. It’s a simple change you can make to your profile that will dramatically increase the number of contacts that see your profile.
99% of LinkedIn members are unaware of this trick (the same amount that treats their profile like a resume), and so with a few small changes, you can be in the top 1% of profiles.
Ranking in search is surprisingly easy: take your chosen keyword and add it to your name.
Yep. That simple.
Format your name like this: Your Name – XXX consultant.
Replace XXX with SEO, PPC, Mortage, or any keyword that you want to show up in the search for.
Here’s the thing: No one is doing this. You will instantly appear at the top of search results when you use this trick.
I’m getting 10-15 leads a week from LinkedIn, thanks in no small part to this search trick.

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