2 Things That Generated 90% Of My Profits Online

When I first started online, I tried every method and business model you could imagine to make it work.
I started amazon stores selling items from china, I created my own eCommerce brand selling imported olive oil from Greece, I created hundreds of blogs and sites to rank on Google generating thousands of visitors a day, and I promoted every affiliate and CPA program that opened, Heck, I even joined 6 different MLM programs that promised to make me a millionaire.
After a few years of trying everything and failing over and over again, I had built tons of experience in marketing online. I soon realized that small local business owners were willing to pay me for my experience… to help them attract customers online.
I started by helping my family’s restaurant market on social media and expanded to other small businesses in New York. Eventually, I worked out of an office running a full-time social media marketing agency. We started taking on massive contracts with companies like McDonald’s and Adobe; heck, we even landed a contract with the department of defense that I still can’t talk about…
I took my experiences with consulting and created online courses teaching others how to do the same. These courses became a massive success over the last ten years, selling to over 100,000 customers.
Now, if this sounds like it was a lot of work… I can assure you that it was. I was earning great money as a consultant and product creator; however, dealing with clients & creating content was even more stressful than working in restaurants.
I had turned my 9-5 job into a 24/7 business.
I was spending every minute focused on my clients and my employees and posting on all the social media accounts I had to manage. The burnout was starting to take its toll on my health and on my relationships.
After my wife threatened to leave me if I didn’t stop being a work-a-holic, I decided it was time for a change, for me to do something about this massive hole I dug for myself. After missing just one too many of my kid’s sporting events, I decided it was time to do something about it. I set out on a mission to simplify my business. I wanted to find the few key things that made me the most money… Double down on those things, and eliminate everything else.
After a few weeks of digging into my business, I had 2 big revelations:
90% of all my sales were coming from the same place: email marketing. Everything else I was doing essentially just built my email subscriber list, and then all the money was made sending promotional emails to that list.
And the other revelation was that nearly all my profits were coming from commissions that I earned promoting other people’s products and services, NOT from my own product sales or consulting.
Selling my own products and taking on consulting clients helped me to build an email subscriber list. However, I was only breaking even on these sales when you included the cost of advertising and servicing. The real money came later… When I would promote other people’s offers to that list of customers. This revelation was eye-opening, and it made me ask a simple question: What if I could reinvent my business by focusing exclusively on the 2 things that earned 90% of the profits?
That would mean no more products, no clients, no posting to social media 5 times a day… Just build an email list and promote other people’s products and services for a commission. Well, I spent 6 months building just that, and the results were life-changing.
I found programs that pay huge recurring commissions, I found faster and easier ways to build my email lists, and I created a brand that earned 6 figures a month from scratch.
Most importantly: I was only working 30 minutes a day to manage this whole thing.
Since then, I’ve pretty much retired from consulting and have been earning more money than I ever have without all the stress and headaches that my old business caused. I went from working 24/7 to a healthy, balanced routine:
In the morning, I check on the email lead sources that I have set up. I’m adding thousands of leads to my lists per day by getting in front of the right crowd, which you will learn about in this webinar.
Then I take a few minutes to find any fun new products that are offering a commission. Some of these products you may have heard of, while others very few people even know to exist. I send a few emails to my list promoting these products using my personal persuasion formula that you’ll learn in this class.
And then I get paid commissions 24/7. That’s it. That’s the formula.
This turned into a true lifestyle business. The best part is that anyone can follow this simple formula to have the same results. This is one of the few truly passive income sources I know of. Your email business works for you 24/7, earning commission checks even while you sleep.
Having a reliable, passive income stream is the only way that you can leave your day job. This was a big one for me; wanting to leave the restaurant business behind was what got me into online marketing in the first place. And this is a business that requires little maintenance. Most businesses require you to work harder than you would in a normal day job, often for less pay. This system allows you to really live the internet lifestyle, spending just a few minutes a day to earn a full-time income that scales to any amount you desire.
This business earns money quickly, allowing you to pay off debts and finally escape from soul-crushing interest payments every month. Work to live, not to pay off the interest.

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